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happy halloween

2011-10-25 18:29:26 by nikopunksuperlink

fror newgrounds and any ladies and gentleman are you going to make some many video game parodies? that's good i hope they gonna be fucking bunch of flash in this year

have a nice day

finally he is now an loser in the world who show him self naked

finally i found a pic of justin bieber what an loser

oh yeah i gonna do it

its time to spank everybody

make a post on newgrounds or rule 34 with jb porn for example gay buttfuck scat fetish violence drug theme sick of funny virtual full of shit lolololololololololololol lmaoaoaoaoao

ok guys everybody ever body who thinks justin is a bitch who like too fapping all time lmao

ok i got some gross pics from the guy who made electric retard

2010-12-04 10:01:58 by nikopunksuperlink

you should not trust this person

ok i got some gross pics from the guy who made electric retard

everybody today we have a bad news for world

2010-11-27 18:50:21 by nikopunksuperlink

i have feel something really bad is gonna happen but its a internet site called electric retard who always make fun about jews and black , afro , asians, and other race class its a guy named eric

one day after world of war 2 has end of war peaceful of victory but thanks too america who saved a land somewhere in europa by hitler and thanks too the epic and good great solders of russia i love you russia thanks for saving our land and world i cant thank you everything i have but

r.i.p albert einstein the great smartest man in the world who also try too make spaceship of time but too bad i was boring i want to save everybody because i want to be a hero who can stop ww1 and 2

and tom fulp you are the great artist of newgrounds in the internet games

after hitler was death some years later in 60 or 80 years past was an person who made a new nazi model but this time is neonazi the new nazi year but i don't fell good så listen up its very imported this guy has made electric retard is living maybe in australia or something but if you find this guy

number.1 if you see him don't go after him

number.2 don't do anything or try too fight him because he is very dangerous man in the australia

number.3 call the police

everybody today we have a bad news for world